Get ready for adventure

Are your ready
to start a new adventure?

Our way
to see and understand nature

SAYR Ingeniería & Ocio was born in 2.018 with the aim of undertaking and being able to provide technical quality and proximity to the natural environment and society.

The idea of combining Forest Engineering work with Active Tourism creates a special link between the Mountain and society, achieving an improvement in environmental values and a new thinking for the future.

The mountains are increasingly abandoned, wasting the amount of products and opportunities they offer. Our line of work is to change this trend and provide customers with proximity and good technical work to provide solutions to current problems.


Team adventure

Work as a team to complete adventures like our kayak trips, to finish the route with our multiple kayak. Enjoy with your family, friends, discover an incredible natural environment and create an unforgettable experience


Safety and fun can go hand in hand

From SAYR Ingeniería & Ocio we take safety very seriously, so below is a list of rules and recommendations to follow to carry out the routes safely

What to bring?

1Stay hydrated and bring food in case of long hours away.
When rowing you will lose calories and energy, it is best to replace them, energy bars and fruits are excellent for this.
2Wear the appropriate clothing for practicing the activity
According to the season and the weather conditions (footwear, clothing, coat, ... etc.).
3Carry a mobile phone with you
Connected and with charged batteries and give your contact number to allow you to locate it if necessary and possible.

Follow our directions

1Always follow the navigation conditions of the area where you are.
If there are forbidden areas, respect them, do not trespass them. If there is a schedule for rowing, stick to it. All this will avoid unnecessary problems.
2Never drink alcohol or do drugs before riding the kayak.
You could fall asleep or have reactions that will end up causing problems for you and your companions.
3Do not exceed the weight capacity of the boat and always check the equipment you will use.
Check the conditions of the equipment such as life jackets and shovels, these over time will wear out.
4Look for instructors
Our kayak guides will give you an introduction to the practice, rowing techniques and safety in the water. In addition, they will have the necessary equipment and first aid to act in an emergency.
5Do not throw garbage and waste
Even collect the skins of the fruit and peels to transport them to a collection point.

Where to go?

You will be provided with instructions to go to the location where the different routes and actions will take place.
2No component of the group
May return alone or be isolated from the group in case of such eventuality, they must notify the guide or the coordinator.
3Follow the directions at all times.
From the guide and the coordinator of both the kayak and the hiking route.

Necessary documents

1Be identified in all comments
Carry your DNI at all times to be able to identify yourself and before starting with the different routes, we must introduce ourselves and identify ourselves before the monitors who will supervise it.

Always follow the advice and recommendations of our monitors
to fully enjoy the experience with the greatest security