Forest Engineering Services


Forestry Projects

Forest management requires specialized techniques for decision-making in various actions.

We develop all kinds of engineering projects based on providing solutions and characteristics of the natural environment, to make the development of the forestry sector compatible with the conservation of biodiversity and the enhancement of the environmental services of the mountain.

We work with the client with a continuous flow of contact, diagnosis, design and the application of technical plans to carry out an adequate service.

  • Fire Prevention Plans.
  • Forest Management Projects.
  • Technical Plans for Forest Management.
  • Hunting plans.
  • Plans for the Management of Natural Spaces.
  • Hydrological-forest restoration projects.
  • Preventive forestry
  • Biodiversity and Landscape Studies.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Inventory of Flora and Green Areas.
  • Boundaries and markings.
  • Topographic work.
  • Cartography update.

Forest Exploitation

Forest exploitation is a great source of renewable resources, from which the Mediterranean forest is obtained from cork, wood, firewood, pasture, honey, charcoal, biomass products, pineapple, mushrooms, berries, etc.

The enhancement of the mountains thanks to the sustainable use of forest products contributes to their conservation and improvement.

  • Exploitation plans.
  • Improvement plans.
  • Signs and appraisals.
  • Planning of silvicultural treatments.
  • Forest plantations.
  • Preparation of Technical Plans.
  • Inventory and sampling of fauna.
  • Hunting and Fishing Management.
  • Management of Dehesas.


Climate change

The fight and mitigation of climate change is a priority for the subsistence of the Natural Environment and a correct management for its ecological continuity. Through projects and silvicultural works, it is possible to help improve the forest, from reducing forest fires, to alleviating droughts or the fight against pests and diseases.

For this reason, we focus on the calculation and study of the environment, diagnosing the incipient problems suffered by the forest and preparing a dossier of solutions and corrections to it.

  • Studies and calculations of soil losses.
  • Study of Erosive Agents.
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint.
  • Analysis of Environmental Impacts.